Title: Engineering structures in groundwater remediation

Authors: PAWLUK, K.

Keywords: environmental protection, natural attenuation, engineering structures, permeable reactive barriers

Abstract: In this review paper the characteristics of the engineering structures which support remediation of groundwater are presented. The structures have been divided into two groups - impermeable barriers, e.g. physical and hydraulic barriers, and permeable barriers e.g., different types of permeable reactive barriers and groundwater circulation well systems. The structures from second group were more widely described due to their application flexibility and adaptation to insitu conditions.

APA style references: Pawluk, K. (2011). Engineering structures in groundwater remediation. Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 20 (3), 258-271.

APA style citation in text: The first time citation in text: (Pawluk, 2011), next citation: (Pawluk, 2011)

Chicago style references: Pawluk, Katarzyna. "Engineering structures in groundwater remediation." Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 53 ser., vol. 20, no 3, (2011): 258-271.

Chicago style citation in text: (Pawluk 2011)

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